Sunday, January 9, 2011

Crazy Love

Crazy Love A Memoir
Leslie Morgan Steiner
St. Martin's Press 2009
322 pages

I came across this book in an article I read In the April 2009 issue of glamour. The article was an Open Letter Rhianna written by the author Leslie Morgan Steiner in regards to Domestic Abuse. I ordered the book the next day and have finished it in awe to the events the memoir unfolds.

I struggled reading this book, it is just tragic to read the details of someone else's misfortune and you feel as though you are there with her through the brutal events as you turn the pages. She describes in great detail her ventures of New York, just graduated from Harvard and taking on a new career at Seventeen Magazine. Through the pages she weaves her childhood and upbringing into the story as she falls in love with a man named Conor. Their relationship feels so right and perfect, even when he shares with her that he was abused as a child, she vows to help him and never abandon him.

She doesn't rush to the horrific details of the crazy moments of abuse, but walks you through her journey of dating and then marrying a man who abused her and used her- breaking her down emotionally, physically, and financially. I found serenity in the moments she describes the Indian summers in the half renovated home they shared in Vermont, or the summer she spent away at an internship, the time she spent on campus at Business School and every moment she was able to escape Connor.

Every wave of emotion I felt with every changing event in this women's life. Through everything I couldn't help but cheer her on as she pulled herself out of this disaster, and stood strong despite the crazy Love she had for Connor.

This book is a good read for anyone, as Domestic Abuse can happen to anyone.
Here is the link also to her web page & Glamour article:

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