Friday, September 24, 2010

How do you Bargain for your Buck

I am a bargain shopper all the way! I love coupons, sales, and discounts any way they come. I'm sure alot of people have figured out by now the best way that works for them when purchasing books.. or anything for that matter... me however.. I'm just jumping on this online ordering band-wagon. The war is between, and purchasing items in store. And the answer is really no certain one is better than the other- but they all have benefits of utilizing each one, with one goal SAVING YOU MONEY!

I never compared the difference to online shopping to going in the store, that is of course, until our economy started going downhill super fast. I for one was not keen to the idea of sacrificing my hobby of reading and building up my own personal library. (Granted Libraries do exist, I prefer to purchase!) So my bargain hunting began.

It never fails, when I go to Borders and am waiting in line with my rewards card in hand, coupon downloading on my phone, I over hear the CSR asking the customer if they are a interested in the rewards card.. wait for it wait for it..... they always say "OH no I don't come here that much anyways."

Really? A free program that sends you coupons and accumulates rewards, why not? Hey not everyone will be interested, but its just something to really consider, once you understand that you can get something one place for a discount or the purchase is directed toward a reward, why not?

I honestly cannot claim to know much about any other book store rewards programs or prices... such as Barnes and Nobles...
My loyalty is with Borders. However I know Borders Rewards is free with the option to upgrade to a higher discount rewards program. Back on track now... I know when a hardcover first comes out I can order it online at borders and typically it is the same price on, same thing with pre-orders, for up to 40% off! NO matter what orders over $25 get you free shipping... does have qualifying free shipping as well if you do a trial run of something or other.

Like I said every option has it's benefits, but you can utilize several vs. just one... sometimes I order on, mostly on and when I go for paperbacks or books that have been out for awhile I use my 33% off coupons in the store. It works out lovely for me.

I have heard alot of people shop at Half Price books as well, I have never personally been to one but It would be a good thing to look into- Half price anything is a bargain!

I am not a representative for Borders or in anyway just an appreciative customer of the services they provide!

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