Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Anxiously waiting...

So minutes ago I have finished the first book of Lauren Kate's 'Fallen' series. I am an in awe. I have managed to read this 452 page turner in a matter of 24 hours... amazing considering my chaos I call a Home. I regret saying that this book has sat on my shelf for quite awhile before I actually bunkered down to read it, but my motivation was in finding the release of 'Torment' was just around the corner on September 28th.. so now here I am anxioulsy waiting to start the next book.

Maybe I am just too optimistic to be a critic- I loved every one of the characters in this book, the story line was fresh and far away from vampires... don't get me wrong I love a good vampire story and romance in the mix.. but there are soo many series out there based on the evolution and existence of vampires. Lauren Kate's take on the fallen angels of heaven was nice and refreshing. Although it did spark up a few memories of Melissa De La Cruz's 'Blue Blood' series that also plays on the fallen angels of heaven- but the series incorporates the existence of vampires- wonderful series. It is amazing to see what two authors can do with a similar bit of history and religion- and both outcomes are terrific.
I have also been anxioulsy awaiting the release of 'Beautiful Darkness' set to be in stores on October 12, 2010, and the release of a new addition to Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series- 'Mini-Shopaholic' was on September 21st. The 'Shopaholic' series is FUN reading!

Release 10/12/10
Release 10/28/10

Released 09/21/10

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