Saturday, July 23, 2011

Borders' Closing Liquidation.. not quite the sale.. yet anyway.

Since Borders announced the closing of all their stores yesterday I have been anxious to get into their store and get my hands on some of my reading list wants. However the liquidation is a slow process and YA books were only discounted at 10% off ... I was amazed to find that most shelves had been picked clean of popular books, and while there were still some great finds, they were still pricey. Now the Border's online bookstore will remain open, where you can find most books 20-30% with free shipping with most orders.
With that said I didn't splurge much-

Gena Showalter's Unraveled: An Intertwined novel
Linda Gerber The Death by Bikin Mysteries
The essential iPad2 Handbook

I am sad to see Borders go out of Bussiness as it is my favorite book store, I will miss the weekly coupons, rewards programs and the convenient locations. I will continue to purchase books on amazon or Borders' online store- anybody have a favorite book shop they can suggest? Open for Ideas-

How do you bargain shop for your books?

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