Saturday, July 9, 2011

Would that be Tablet, e-reader, or paperback ...

I have been experiencing complete and total reading malfunction. These days I spend more time reading reviews pertaining to these electronic devices that should in reality provide me with complete reading freedom regardless which e-reader I have.

I first purchased a Sony e-reader pocket edition last summer and planned on getting some heavy duty use out of it in the freedom of the summer months. However I found myself purchasing more Hardcovers for the series I had already started collecting, and for poolside reading which I didn't want to risk my electronic device in the reach of my splashing children or the torment of the Sun.

So here I am a year later just starting to put my e-reader to use, I have overcome my phobia of dropping it in water or damagng it outside, so it allows me a little more leniency with excercising the main purpose of portability and convenience of an e-reader.

Next I found I wasn't too fond of the feel of this e-reader... the screen was dull, the device was small - yes very portable and convenient- but some other e-readers have the slimness as well as height like a normal book.

So I have been switching back and forth from e-reader to traditional books... Honeslty I read more with traditional print books, it just feel more natural and more comfortable, and I truely enjoy showing off the heftyness of my current read, as well as enjoying the cover art. I found I don't mind lugging my books around.

Now my dilema arises- the town I moved to has a fairly small library and the waiting lists for books are weeks out... now most e-books are a fair and cheap price as well as avaialble right away. This is my weakness.. because when I want to get a book and Borders is closed and waiting 2 days for shipping from Amazon does not sound appealing or whatever the circumstance may be.... I buy the e-book.

I have since quit reading on my sony e-reader and downloaded the Kindle & Kobo apps on my ipad 2 which I love the black text and white pages, gives a more realistic sense of a book, the brightness is lively, and the access to both Kindle and Kobo librairies is very nice. I did not purchase the iPad with the intention of using it as a e-reader but have found it very beneficial. However since my recent purchase of the iPad, I have been obsessed with reading reviews of these devices.

Several reviews I have read share that the iPad is too distracting for use as an e-ereader with the internet, games, and email also at your fingertips it is hard to focus on reading. Sometimes I get distracted but usually I get my other browsing done before I read so I don't even think about it. Another feauture is you can disable these distractions or remove them so they dont take all of your focus. These fellow reviewers tend to enjoy their Kobo touch readers available through Borders. I havent read too many reviews about the Nook color, although I used to want one, however I'm not a fan of Barnes & Noble ( No offense faithful B&N customers) so I just strayed from their e-reader products as well.
Quick note: I do not bring my iPad along to read at the lake or pool either- I save my magazines and paperbacks for those occasions. My favorite places to enjoy reading on my iPad are Noodles & Company, any coffee house near me at the present time, or my bed. I like the hands free feeling of being able to prop the tablet up on its stand/case and read while I eat noodles or drink coffee and I can lay on one side comfortably without having to reposition with the turn of a page.

My own quick personal review of the iPad 2 which is non-reading related so feel free to skip if your not interested in a review of the iPad, either way I hope it is beneficial in some way or another:

My iPad has an average of 10 hour battery life- lots of reading and web browsing, as well as lots and lots of Yahtzee playing is done in 10 hours. The iPad2 is slickly slimmer than the 1st generation and you can personalize it with the Vibrant colors of a Smart cover- however I prefer a genuine black leather case myself, the sound is amazing and the Apple App store is the best (I owned a Samsung Galaxy Tablet for one day, Android Market is the only downfall). Apple produces a genuine product with protection plans, lots of support and easy navigation of their devices. I am open minded to other products- I'm not a hardcore Apple brand groupie- I just find I like what I get most of the time- and as I said I LOVE the Apps available.

The conclusion I have come to is that with all the options available there is something out there that suits every individual. I have have found my balance between my iPad as well as continuing to build my own personal collection of books in my home.

I would love to hear how others enjoy their reading, what they prefer or even what e-readers they use and why they like them. PLEASE SHARE your thoughts and opinions- negative or positive they are more than welcome!

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