Sunday, April 25, 2010 = Amazing

I was in search for a new watch a few weeks ago and since moving out of the Twin cities, MN and to a smaller city such as Wichita, KS there is not much access to a large shopping scene, at least compared to having access to the Mall of America in MN. I have since discovered the wonderful side of shopping online. In the past year I have been surrounded by mini malls and a repeat of the same stores, as well as a limited variety of styles due to the lack of... umm ...a large population, shopping is just no fun anymore. To get back on track, as I said I was shopping for a watch, through all the same department stores looking for a Puma brand watch that was under $100.00 and durable for work. I found nothing! One day a co-worker of mine suggested looking on; I was hesitant. After all doesnt it cost an arm and a leg for shipping and on top of that you have to wait days on end for the items to finally arrive? Wrong! Everything I assumed about buying items online has pretty much turned out to be wrong! I began my online shopping browsing the Puma website through their featured watches. I was ready to dish out a heafty $120.00 plus shipping for a watch I fell in love with instantly. Something inside me urged to double check; I did and very glad I did. I was able to find a larger variety and selection of not only puma watches but many others for half the price I would be paying ordering through the site of the product. Everything is secure, and I love the option to save a "pay phrase" so the next time you shop just eneter the phrase. The site has inexpensive shipping as well, and also options to recieve free shipping. I recieved my product within 5 days, which I was okay with; paying standard shipping and waiting, I wasn't in too much of a rush. Since this discovery I have discovered many other sites to save money and find a larger selection of products.

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