Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reebok Baby! Easy Tones!

Latley there has been a swarm of shape up shoes that claim to do wonders for your body.. hmmm... I am on a mission to find the true outcome of walking around in these tone-up shoes. I chose the route of the The reebok Easy tones. They look good! The easy tone can Pass for just a regular shoe so I would favor wearing it more often. Will they be effective though.. I hope to find some amazing results for my gluteus maximus.. hahaha.. so the claim is that you get better legs and a better butt with every step. The shoe is designed to increase your legs muscle action by 28% in your glutes, 11% in our hamstrings and 11% in the calves. The percentage is based on tests done compared to a regualr reebok shoe such as the Reebok Express walk. I have reeboks for running shoes, so I'm looking for some major improvments.
I was sad to find out that the only Finish Line close to my house was sold out of the Black and pink EasyTones.( They Look Awesome!) So I will be waiting patiently for a few days while the shoes are shipped.
Excited for their arrival!

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