Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So I feel very accomplished, I have finished the book I previously blogged about; 'If I stay' What an amazing book, it was an easy read, and kept me interested, time is not on my side when I want to sit and finish anything, so it did take me a few days. The story was tragic and the characters were deep. The story had soo many elements- Tragedy; I cried like a baby throughout this book! Love; this story displayed love how it should be!(I really dont want to spoil the book for anyone, so please excuse the lack of detail) And I loved the description of the family- the closeness between them all, made the tragedy even harder to bear.
I always feel sad when I finish a book, because it's like the end of those characters you just spent hours or days reading about, you become engrossed in their lives and their world, and then its over. I remember when Harry Potter released the final book, and they had support groups for those who were depressed about the end of the story. I honestly thought it was a bit odd (I do not mean to offend anyone) but I believe I understand the idea of that. You go through a journey with the characters, and you just want it to continue and go on forever. When you feel this way does this mean you were especially moved by a book? By the character and what they were made of?
Well a young friend of mine from work suggested the 'House of Night' series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. So I think I will give it a go and start the series with the first book 'Marked'

My Reeboks finally arrived yesterday! Love them! I wore them today, everywhere I could.. I think I am more excited about the way they look, hahaha, I think any results as far as toning will just be an awesome bonus to the coolness of this shoe.. maybe a little silly but I am thrilled to have bought these!

On an even cooler note, me and my oldest son Blake, we share the same Birthday April 3rd. Well this year his Dad and I bought him a Nintendo DSI XL and I decided I wanted one as well- with the large screen, two cameras and brain age pre-installed- I was anxious to get one.. in a matter of days I recieved one as a present also! Well I was playing around with the camera and photo album the other day and realized you can upload your photos right to facebook, etc. AMAZING! I was excited to upload my goofy pictures with the boys.

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