Friday, August 13, 2010

Love, New reads, and Staying Strong

A dear frined of mine experienced a tragic event this week, on August 9th she had her baby boy Adrian David Baker, a gorgeous baby. Adrian has passed on to be with God and even though we didn't know him very long he is very loved and missed by many.
I think about her and her family everyday, and pray for their strength and faith to stay strong through their lives until we all get to see baby Adrian once again.

To keep my mind busy, I have been consumed by Algebra homework, and reading. I have left many projects unfinished and I feel spread out and unaccomplished. So today is the start of getting back on track first with this insane college algebra course that has me stumped. Progress is being made though.

I was excited to see that Marlene Perez has added a new addition to her "Dead Is" series. The fourth installment, released this month was "Dead is just a rumor" this series is fun and has so much supernatural awesomeness packed into these page turners, makes for an interesting and fun read. The "Dead Is" series includes book one " Dead is the new black" followed by "Dead is a state of mind" and then "Dead is so last year"

I also stumbled upon "The extroadinary secrets of April, May, and June" by Robin Benway, check out her blog at
The cover of this book is what caught my eye, and I was hooked once I read the description. The story tells a tale of three sister who discover they have Superpowers, with a little dash of love, boys, heartbreak.. etc.. all the stuff that makes the story juicy. So looking forward to this read. Also by Robin Benway " Audrey, Wait!"

On a musical note, I have discovered a long playlist of music that used to rule my CD player back in high school and I am amzed at how much music I have forgotten about. I used to jam to bands such as The Used, Lost Prophets, Story of the year, Breaking Benjamin, Thursday, Cold, Flaw, and the list goes on. So my obsession of the week and inspiration for motivation, the pep behind my step and the vibe in my energy is no other than Hawthorne Heights. My most played song is "Silver Bullet" from the "Silence in Black and White" album, their first album with Victory Records that was released in 2004 which also included "Ohio is for lovers" and "Nikki FM"

This weekend looking forward to candle shopping, Sephora, and just relaxing amongst my many textbooks and algebra equations.
Goodnight Blog
Enjoy your weekend

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