Friday, July 9, 2010


So I have finally bought one of these darlings...

and just in time for Border's new e-book store! My first e-book I purchased was Lisa Schroeder's 'Far from you'... What can I say I was hooked on her books after finishing 'Chasing Brooklyn'
I thought there was going to be a problem with a glare on the screen and how glossy the words might appear, all the works for a headache, none if this is however a real concern, the pages are easy to read and you can scroll up and down or flip the pages, also there is a bookmark option so you can bookmark your favorite parts, or just where you stopped reading for the day.
The menu is easy to follow and this edition is the perfect size! I thought about getting the touch screen edition, but didn't think the additional option was worth the extra 100 bucks. The battery life is insane! It lasts up to two weeks and the memory holds up to 350 titles.
I am a very avid reader, and I love the actual act of buying the book, holding the book and flipping the pages, by no means will I give that up, this e-reader allows me to purchase books, cheaper of course, and carry many with me while traveling, working, or even sitting at the park with the kids.. rather than carrying a bunch of books with me.. hahaha cause if I could take three or four books around with me I would!!
Highly recomend for someone who loves reading as much as I do!

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