Monday, July 5, 2010


Whew! Where has this year gone? July fourth over and done with, this year has been going way too fast. Well it has all been good none the less. I am feeling very accomplished these past few weeks. I have knocked out quite a few resolutions without any major planning. For starters the past two weeks off of school has just been jam packed! I was suprised with a trip to Florida by a friend who needed help driving a car back. WOW! A free trip to Florida! I had never been a plane prior or to the East Coast.
Well the plane ride was amazing, I landed in Chicago, and North Carolina, both beautiful places, before arriving in Fort Meyers, Florida. I must say the last plane ride left me feeling sick and with a major headache! However I did finish a book, 'Betrayed' the second book in P.C. Cast's House of Night series.
After landing in Florida, there was a miserable taxi ride, and then finally arriving at my final destination. The house was amazing, I really wish I had taken more pictures but there was no time. I arrived at 11:00 pm and we were on the road driving back by 3:00 am. I did enjoy a nice swim and shower before hitting the road. Although I didn't get to see much of Florida's scenery, the Sun Rise was amazing, and the northern part of the state and into Georgia was gorgeous!
The drive was long and at times exhausting, we drove for 13 hours aproximatley straight, finally deciding to stop in Tennessee. I was so tired at this point I couldn't even seep! So We walked around the little town that was tucked in between two mountains. This I did get a few pictures, on my mytouch slide, turned out pretty good.
Driving through the Appalachain mountains was the highlight of my experience. Its just so different then what we are used to in the cities. The size of them are just amazing. I dont think I could ever become tired of seeing such amazing creations. This was also my first time seeing the Ocean! Although I only seen it from a window in the plane, it was just awesome and the best view I could of asked for.. was really able to capture the greatness of just how big the ocean is! I Really wish I could have taken more pictures of these things, but I am glad to have the memory of them.The next day we finished the drive through Tennessee, Kentucky, and into Illinois, all very GORGEOUS and unique. We stayed at a relatives house in Illinois and I seen the coolest thing ever. They had a pond in the front of their house, and they had catfish that they fed. They fed the fish regular fish food, but they would just throw it in and the fish swarmed in a large mass jumping over one another to eat. This went on for about 10 minutes, until just a few large catfish twirled around the waters edge sucking up whatever was left. Well I am quite familiar with the drive through Iowa and Minnesota, but let me tell ya I was very happy to be in familiar surroundings, and made it home just in time for Rush hour in the cities. I was just happy to be home after four days of non stop travel.
So home at last, I was covered with hugs and kisses and squishes from Blake and Aiden! Showered and was restless enough to start another book 'Chasing Brooklyn' by Lisa Schroeder. This was such a nice change of pace.

In other news, I was able to get my car back, after a long time of back and forth, waiting and a bunch of BS from the insurance company I finally just decided to fix the car. It only took a week, and I am very pleased with the work. Just extremely happy to have my own car back, rather then driving a rental and borrowing other people's vehicles. What a relief!!! So the past two weeks I have traveled far, drove even farther, finished two books, got my car fixed and did some major swimming, relaxing and chillin at the pool with the boys, and celebrated a pretty awesome Fourth of July. Geez wondering how the next two weeks will compare! :)

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