Sunday, July 25, 2010


Over the course of the winter and summer I have managed to fill my closet with endless pairs of white nikes, K-swiss, DC's, slip ons and countless pairs of flip flops. So imagine my joy when I found this killer pair of heels from MAURICES... love love love the two textures, they look great with my
brown cardigans and black camis.. cuteness. I also splurged and bought new jeans.


In other news I have finished several books and hope to get the reviews linked on my blog within the week. I have completed- Fallen, Chosen a House of night novel, Keys to the repository, and Fragile eternity.
After ordering a new selection of books on I stumbled across a link to an auction site. is a site that auctions off items such as gift cards, cameras, TV's, games systems, movies, and the list goes on. So the way this site works is not like any other auction. You register for the site and choose a bid package such as 75 bids for $45.00 and so on. After you buy your bids your ready to find an auction. The site is set up to navigate easily and watching the auctions that interest you the most.
You win the auction by being the last person to bid on it, and every auction is either a penny, two cents, or five cents, and every bid placed increases the price of the item by the specified amount.
Now it sounds easy, however when you place your bid and your watching the clock and the seconds are down to 5,4,3,2.... BAM someone else bids and ten more seconds are added to the clock.
It is a fun experience and if you find something you really want it is worth the time and investment.
I won my first few auctions of 3 $10.00 AMC movie theater giftcards
and paid a total of $.02 each plus 1.99 shipping. wow thats like
$6.06 for $30.00 of movie theater gift cards.
( We like the MOVIES at my house!)
and I also bid on a few restaurant giftcards and a Borders card.
Also available is amazon, target, walmart, and lots of restaurant gift cards.
I wasn't brave enough to bid on the MacBook Pro or Ipad that were up for auction but I will soon.
I also seen someone win an auction for a Nintendo Wii system for $17.00. AMAZING. This site offers a new way of shopping and buying. Overall a good investment and a fun time doing it.